What are the benefits of using Dump Your Home

Dump Your Home is a company that was established to assist in selling your home quickly. No matter the condition of your home, we can help. We buy homes that are distressed, homes that have been flooded, homes that have fire damage, and many other situations. If you are in legal trouble, going through divorce, suffering through medical bills or any other case, Dump Your Home can assist you in getting the cash quick by selling us your home.


Don’t want to sell your home but need assistance with repair financing? We are ready to loan you the money to get your home back in shape. Did Hurricane Harvey flood your home and you have decided that you no longer want to live there just in case something similar happens again?


Dump Your Home offers a trade in program. Sell us your home and you can begin the trade in process by looking through our large inventory of homes in Houston. Dump Your Home is built to help you regardless of the situation. We care about our clients and understand the emotional tie someone can have to their home. We strive to make this a quick, smooth, and safe transaction for our clients.