We are dedicated to buying homes for cash in Houston and surrounding areas. Our goal is to work with you so you can sell your home fast without worrying about the condition of your house. We understand that people get caught in difficult situations, but we are here to help you. Give us a call or fill out our form below to get started with the process of selling your home.

We internally evaluate several factors of your home, such as condition and repairs needed. Then we run comparable sales in order to determine a fair price of your home.

We DO NOT charge any fees. We take care of all the process of buying your home so you can rest and have that much needed peace of mind. If there are title problems, there might be a fee to clear out the title.

Dump Your Home buys all kinds of houses, no matter the size, location or condition of the property. Our expertise is to buy distressed homes and properties in need of extensive repairs.

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